The North Still Remembers

I couldn’t fit the rest of the pictures from the trip to Northern Ireland in the last post so here is another post with more pictures from our trip!

The northern coast was absolutely beautiful! Here is a picture of me on top of one of the rock towers at Giant’s Causeway. I feel like I am radiating joy in this picture. So far, the friends I have met have made me laugh everyday nonstop and it has been truly amazing. We are having a blast!


Here is another picture of me at the shore line. You can see the cliff behind me and there is a trail that leads all the way up there. I wish we could have continued the trail up to that cliff, but we were already 3 miles down the coast and we did not have enough time. By the end of the day we walked over 8 miles and 50 flights of stairs. But the sights were absolutely worth it!


After leaving the Giant’s Causeway we stopped for lunch at the Giant’s Barn Cafe where we had delicious Shepard’s Pies!

The next stop was the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. The Carrick-a-Rede bridge connects the mainland to the island of Carrickarede and it was beautiful (and slightly terrifying). It was a windy day so the bridge was closed, but we were able to get close for pictures! It was such a beautiful walk along the side of the cliffs. I would definitely recommend seeing this if you get the chance!IMG_1573.jpg


The final stop on our tour was the Dark Hedges, a road surrounded by beech trees planted in the 1700’s. You might recognize this road if you watch Game of Thrones. (the King’s Road)IMG_1583.jpg

dh.jpgAnd here is the picture from Game of Thrones in case you don’t recognize the road!


All in all, this weekend was a great first trip across Ireland. We saw so much in just one day. Even just driving along the northern countryside was beautiful.

Stay tuned for this coming weekend’s trip to Galway! We are staying in a little cottage just outside of the city and looking forward to exploring the West Coast of Ireland next!

xoxo Molly