Celebrating Australia Day

Sydney in January in just one word is INCREDIBLE – not only is the temperature an average of 70-80 degrees, but there is also Australia Day to celebrate. Before coming to Sydney, I had no prior knowledge that Australia Day even existed, let alone the fact that it was celebrated while I was going to be here. The day is celebrated annually on the 26th on January and marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the first fleet of British ships that docked at Port Jackson, New South Wales. Australians celebrate by attending organized events held by the Sate Government, local councils, community groups, spend time with family and friends and overall celebrate contemporary Australia while acknowledging its history.

On Australia Day, most people spend the day enjoying the sunny weather and relax by the beachside or the pool. My friends and I ended up spending the day at Coogee Beach. It is a beautiful beach located near the famous Bondi Beach. The weather was perfect and the waves were calm. We even ventured toward the side of the beach to the Baths. The Baths are a natural rock pool and the perfect swimming hole for people. (I’ve inserted some pictures because it was just beautiful) Afterwards, we headed to see the fireworks in Central Sydney. What a great way to experience Australia in just the first few weeks of my arrival!