Settling In

So at this point, I’ve had all of my classes once and I’m pretty well into the swing of things for my internship.

Classes: I think I’m going to enjoy these classes. International Finance and International Economics are both 3.5 hours long, on every Monday, in the same classroom, with the same teacher, which is kind of brutal. But, the material is interesting. I like talking about globalization in Australia, and then also talking about the US from this perspective. My third class is Australian Cinema, which I love. It’s 2.5 hours on Thursdays, and it’s interesting along with being lighthearted. We watch a movie once a week (this week was Wake in Fright, 1971) and we discuss it. 

In International Economics and Australian Cinema, we are being put in groups with other kids in the CAPA program from London and Florence (respectively), and I am looking forward to that. I think it’s cool that CAPA makes a point to make the programs intertwined.

Internship: I really enjoy have been enjoying my internship. The office comes with free fruit, bread, jams, VEGEMITE (opinion is meh on it), and a coffee maker. I learned how to froth milk, so I have been making cappachinos. I have been doing some classic intern work, such as filing and alphabetizing. I have also been sitting in on business meetings with large companies such as ANZ and AON. I’m glad to be getting exposure with corporate companies. My boss is so friendly and has been making a point to tell me some things about the economy here, which has been very interesting.

Ah, and I had an interview at 1AM on Wednesday with Wells Fargo for a summer internship. It was 9AM on Tuesday in Pittsburgh, so that was a pretty interesting experience. The time zones are still super confusing; my parents don’t understand them at all! I have to remind them that I’m a day ahead!

In terms of sites: I saw the most beautiful sunset on Monday this week (I made the Featured Image a picture I took off of my phone). A couple of friends and I took a bus to Hyde Park and then went to the Royal Botanic Garden a little further up north. It was BEAUTIFUL (and free) and I definitely plan on going back more. We had a little picnic. We walked further north, stopping to watch the beginning of an outside cinema being played, to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. The sunset was around 8PM, which was so amazing.

Also, side note: Once it gets a little darker outside, there are bats everywhere. The bats are called flying foxes, and I didn’t notice it until Monday, when I went on the walk to see the sunset.

Moving forward: Now that I’m in a more structured schedule with my internship and classes, I feel a lot more settled in. The coming weekends includes: the Blue Mountains and Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney Observatory tour, weekend trip to a surf camp, and Spring Break in BALI.

Until then,