Viviendo la Vida Valenciana

Valencia is one of the prettiest and coolest cities I’ve ever been to. Oh, and it’s 70 degrees in January, which is never a bad thing. I’ve had a great time is this amazing city so far, it already feels like a second home to me. In Valencia, I live in a dorm-like building, which is called a residencia in Spanish,  with a few other study abroad students from the United States, but mostly with Spanish locals who are studying at universities in Valencia. This has given me an incredible opportunity to meet Spanish locals and observe their way of living, as well as improve my Spanish conversational skills, and has given me hope that by the time I leave here, I will have a great grasp on the Spanish language. I have met many great, friendly, and funny people in the residencia so far and they have made my time here very fun and easy. I am beginning to participate in the activities that the Spanish locals partake in, and have done fun things with the residents here such as playing futbol. This sport is a very important aspect of the Spanish culture so it was very cool to be able to play with the locals and I hope to continue doing so. Though I have met a lot of friends in the residencia, many of the residents have been busy studying for finals because their semester ended just recently, and so now I will be able to go out and do things with the Spanish locals even more.

I really like my university here in Valencia as well. Though it is through Florida State University that I am studying, the classes I am taking all evolve around the Spanish culture and way of life. I am enjoying the classes I am taking so far, and I also like how intimate the classes are, as my classes here have roughly 25 students in them whereas classes back at at the University of Pittsburgh could have up to 300. This gives me the opportunity to really soak in what the professors are teaching me and to be able to talk and get to know the professors. Another thing I like about my university here, is that most of the classes are only once a week but are 3 hours long, which allowed me to schedule my classes so that I have very busy Mondays and Wednesdays but have no class any of the other days. This makes it much easier to travel because every weekend, I have the option of traveling from Thursday to Sunday. In my next posts, I will talk about my travels and the experiences I’ve had during them that have made this study abroad experience such a great one so far.