Mon Temps a Paris

Bonjour! Although “Bonjour” is about the extent of my French vocabulary, I still managed to have a great long weekend in Paris. Here is a quick recap of my time in the City of Light, along with plenty of pictures. I’ll give a quick recap of each day, and follow it with a couple of pictures of some of the highlights.

Friday 1/26: We left London St. Pancras early in the morning, arriving at the Paris station at about noon. We had a guide for the weekend, who was excellent all weekend. Her name was Tracy, and she would help us get to every location, and would give a little bit of background information at each place, and then allowed us to explore for a bit before recouping to go to the next site. Although I lost my credit card at some point along the journey to Paris, my flatmates were very kind to pay for me during my journey until I could pay them back here in London.

I certainly did not anticipate my journey starting out like this, but I still made the most of it on Friday. We walked around the Arc de Triumph, window shopped along the Le Champs Elysees, and saw the Mona Lisa at the Louvre with basically no crowd (we went around 9pm). The museum was absolutely massive, and we barely even saw a quarter of the museum (we also rushed through a lot of the hallways).



Saturday 1/27: We started off Saturday with a wonderful French breakfast at our hotel, consisting of croissants, crepes, and a meat and cheese platter. We spent the morning on a walking tour of the Latin Quarter, seeing sights such as the Hotel de Ville and Notre Dame, and we walked around all afternoon, as we wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower at night.

The Eiffel Tower was absolutely beautiful at night, and even though we couldn’t go up to the top level, the views were still fantastic. We took plenty of pictures, and it was mesmerizing how far out you could still see at night.




Sunday 1/28: Me and my friend Hunter woke up early in the morning to travel to Versailles, and we stayed there for almost all of the morning and early afternoon. The palace was really cool, but the gardens were phenomenal. The gardens were so expansive; we barely saw any of it in a couple of hours. We also went to Montmartre later, which was quite beautiful. The top of the cathedral had phenomenal views of the city, and my flatmates and I got great pictures and really enjoyed our time there. After Montmartre, we took a train back to London, ending a fantastic weekend in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.



As I said last blog, I will be touching upon my classes thus far as well as my internship for my next blog post. I usually end with cheers, but I feel it would be fitting to sign off in a different way for this post:

Au revoir!