Sydney Coffee Craze

Before arriving to Sydney, I was warned many times about the “coffee culture” here in the city. During the second orientation event held at Pitt, my fellow classmates and I were warned about how serious Sydneysiders are about their coffee and how it truly represents a great portion of their culture.

Upon arrival to my housing accommodations, I noticed about three or four coffee shops near me. In some parts of town, you’ll see coffee shops across the street from each other or even right next to each other! It’s insane how many coffee shops you’d be able to find on one street.

While I was in orientation at the CAPA Center, I was informed about an amazing little coffee shop right across the street called Fork and Grind. This was a nice thing to hear, as I know that there may be some mornings where I’ll need a quick cup of coffee before class.

The shops usually close early, as most people enjoy their coffee outings during the early morning up until lunch. It’s amazing to see how lively and bustling these shops are early in the morning. I assume that most people like to sit down and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and some breakfast before a busy work day. I too was able to enjoy it this way. On my first day of class, my roommate and I had decided that we would go there early before our lecture and enjoy some breakfast. We enjoyed our breakfast as locals would, on a bright, sunny morning, preferably sitting outside. While we were there, I decided to try the iconic flat white, which is an Australian hot coffee with espresso and steamed milk. What better way to enjoy my breakfast than with an iconic Australian drink. After that, I was on my way for a busy day of classes. I look forward to trying more of the Australian and Asian Pacific cuisine!