My Classes

So far, my courses here at Florence GBI have been very interesting and unique. We are given a special opportunity to study subjects such as history or art in a city that is often a key focus of the material!

For example, in my History of Renaissance Art class this week, we were discussing the Church San Miniato al Monte. This is one of the oldest structures in the city of Florence, and one of the few following Romanesque style architecture. It began construction in the year 1018!

My class had gone through the back story of the church… who San Miniato was, what specific designs represent, the difference between Romanesque and Gothic architecture, and much more. After going through a long powerpoint, our teacher closed his computer and said “Alright class… Let’s go!”

It hadn’t even hit me when we were discussing, but we have the special opportunity to actually go and see these historical artifacts and buildings. History class always felt like something so far away and distant from me when studying back home. Here, all you have to do is take a few steps outside and you can’t ignore the history! My apartment is a two minute walk from remains of the ancient wall protecting Florence! It’s hard to believe!

On top of that, my International Marketing class has been quite exciting as well. In here, we form groups that pair up with Global Business Institute students in one of the other base cities for the program. This means next week, my group here in Florence will be paired up to work on a project with other abroad students either in Sydney or London! We will have to figure out ways to successfully market domestic products in foreign countries, and will need to coordinate with our colleagues across the world. It’s going to be very fun!

I’m also taking beginning oil painting! This is one of the coolest parts of this entire program. I have never been fantastic at Art, but with the help of the fantastic professors here, I’m improving in every area. It’s pretty wild to realize I’m learning how to paint in a city known for it’s thriving art scene and as the site of the birth of the renaissance!

Last but not least, I’m brushing up on my Italian skills in Italian 2. This course has been challenging me to improve my speaking and listening skills and is paying major dividends. I can now order food at a restaurant and shop in stores with no English at all! I’ve still got so much more to learn!