Life as an Australian Intern

In addition to taking three classes while living in Sydney, I am also participating in a three credit internship.

I work for the company Disrupt Sports. Disrupt was established in 2014 so it is still relatively new. The idea for this company was to disrupt the sports industry by developing mass customizing options for sports gear. Not only do we create custom surfboards, skateboards, snowboards, and yoga mats to the individual customer, we also work with large companies through wholesale. Brands including Lululemon, Oreo, and Coca-Cola have all received high quality gear with their own logo!

As a Supply Chain Management Intern, I work on the operational side of Disrupt. My main job is procurement, which is basically finding trusted suppliers that produce quality products. It is interesting doing this job abroad because I have the ability to contact suppliers from China, Europe, and even the US! What makes this job challenging is the time difference. When I get into work at 9:00 am, most companies in the United States are about to head home.

Working abroad is very different from working in the United States, and that stems from Australian work culture vs. American work culture. Australians are more relaxed in the office, but that does not mean they don’t work as hard as Americans! The dress code at Disrupt is extremely casual, and the work hierarchy system is only in place for formality. I am an intern and I sit right next to the founder of Disrupt, which is pretty cool!