Surfin’ and Stuff

Hey guys!!

So, I’ll start my post with what I did Thursday night, on February 15th. I signed up and went on a tour at the Sydney Observatory. We first went up to Miller’s Point and saw this AMAZING view of the bridge (this is my featured image).

Tour: then we went on this tour of the observatory in groups of three. The cool part about this place was that it’s Sydney’s oldest observatory. The first part was a dome tour (Planetarium). We went into this simulation dome, and our tour guide showed us the overview of the southern sky and what it would look like without light pollution. 

Telescopes: we got to look through two telescopes: the Equatorial Refracting telescope (South Dome) and then the 40cm Mirror Telescope (North Dome). The first telescope was the original dome and build in 1858, it’s the oldest working telescope in Australia!! We saw some stars, but at the North Dome, it was too cloudy so he just talked about it more.

Rocket launching: we watched the Falcon Heavy space lunch that happened on February 6th. I didn’t know that SpaceX existed, and how far along they are with their rockets. Our tour guide kept talking about how we are trying to get to Mars by 2022, which blew my mind!! 

Overall, 10/10 tour and I’m glad that this tour was included in the CAPA program.


I wanted to add this picture. My friend and I split some noodles and dumplings on Wednesday. It was amazing,

Surf Camp: CAPA students got a discount off of this surf camp weekend, which lasted from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. We loaded on a bus at 6PM and headed to 7-Mile Beach, Gerroa, which was about 2.5 hours south of Sydney.  Apparently, this beach is Australia’s best learn-to-surf beach because of the minimal people and smaller waves. The program included a wetsuit and surf board, which was amazing. My face got extremely burnt!!

The camp was your stereotypical surf camp. The instructors were these Australian men with long, curly hair and there was music playing all the time. I can’t imagine having that kind of lifestyle; it would be amazing.


This was the camp area where we had our meals and hung around before surf lessons. 

Surfin’: we had two surf lessons for two hours each. It was supposed to be three surf lessons, but the it was way too windy Saturday afternoon and the waves were too rough. The boards are hard to handle because of their size and weight, but it was manageable. Surfing was not TOO hard. I definitely could have benefited from more upper body strength, but overall I think I did fine as a beginner. I’m glad that I learned the skills for surfing, in case I wanted to rent a surfboard and surf by myself. Some of the instructors were taking pictures and videos of us, which we will get to see in a couple of days. Ah, also, I had my first kangaroo burger. It was okay– not amazing, but not terrible.

We got back to Urbanest (our home) around 5PM. I got some classic chicken Pad Thai from Spice Alley, which was amazing as usual.

Over and out!