entry 5 – midterm week

Hi all,

It is midterm week at CAPA in London and the assignments have piled up. I have been locking myself in libraries, cafes, and my home the past week to try and get all the assignments done before spring break which starts on Friday this upcoming week. I’ll go through my assignments for each class for people who want to know what study abroad classes are kinda like!

For my international economics course we had a take home exam this weekend. It was 10 multiple choice questions followed with 5 short answer questions. My professor has been going over a lot of topics that have been very interesting and the take home exam was not too difficult, since I was able to get all the notes down during his lecture.

For international finance we have an exam this upcoming Tuesday. I still haven’t studied yet but will start right after finishing this blog post! The exam will be more on concepts rather than math related, which is different for me coming from Pitt where everything is numbers and formula oriented.

For organizational behavior we had an essay of 1000 words due this upcoming Wednesday. I was able to go to the British Library yesterday and get all of that finished early. My essay was about managing multicultural teams in the workplace, and how it is challenging but worth it.

Finally, for international marketing we have 2 essays due this Thursday. One is 2500 words which will take me a decent chunk of time and we are supposed to pick a multinational corporation and their work in a country that isn’t the U.S. I still haven’t decided which company or country I want to do my paper on but will be deciding shortly!

Been a busy weekend and this upcoming week will be rather busy as well, but I’m excited to get it all finished and go on spring break. I will be going to Barcelona, Rome, and Berlin with my roommates. I’m extremely excited to explore and revisit those cities.

Until next time…I’m gonna go live my life now!


Thanks for reading,


Andres Hoberman