London – February, Post 2

In London, the main transportation system is the tube, which is the subway. It’s super fast and efficient for most areas of London, and much cleaner compared to NYC subways (haven’t seen rats either so that’s a plus). We’re given an oyster card that gives us access to all of London (which is so nice since it’s a huge city and it’d be super expensive to buy passes), and that’s how I’m able to get to class every day. On the tube, no one really talks as the British keep to themselves. It’s different compared to Pitt since everything in Oakland is walkable, unlike the huge city of London. However, when I do get the opportunity to walk (either because I have enough time or it isn’t raining), I prefer to because I get to see more of London. The area around our CAPA center is beautiful and in one of the nicest sections of the city. I attached a picture of the neighborhood where classes are.