London – Month 2

So I’m more than a month in on my abroad experience in London! It’s been an amazing, enriching month where I’ve already so much of the world. It’s definitely been a smoother transition from Pittsburgh to London due to the equivalent language; however, it is still hard to understand the Brits sometimes and their slang.

My three biggest takeaways from my abroad experience thus far is to remain as open-minded as possible, don’t let fear take away from your experience, and embrace every possible moment!

To start, I had no idea what to expect when flying into London, but I knew no expectations was the best thing! So far, I’ve made amazing friends and have pushed myself out of my comfort zone. At Pitt, I’m accustomed to just staying in and finishing my work – not really taking advantage of what Pittsburgh has to offer. I’ve tried to take every opportunity to explore and see as much as possible, and it’s been so enriching from the start.

One of my highlights on my abroad experience so far is being able to volunteer for London Fashion Week! The week leading up to the event, I was so nervous about confronting potentially difficult people, but taking on this opportunity has been an incredible experience so far. I got to see some beautiful pieces and outfits. It’s probably been my favorite experience in London so far, and to think I almost let paranoia take that experience away from me.

So far this program has gone by SO fast. I’ve already experienced so much in and outside of London (got to see Paris and Prague and will be leaving for Spain, Portugal, and Morocco in a few days!). But I think it’s very important to take in everything in the moment and to remain in the present. I also found that writing things down and taking as many pictures (but don’t let your phone ruin your moment) has been great at reflecting.