Food Scene of Sydney

Sydney is a true melting pot of the Asia Pacific, including a wide range of diversity and culture throughout the city.  This is well reflected in the food scene, where you can find delicacies from around the world within a couple of blocks.  So far, I have found myself eating plenty of Southeast Asian food from places like Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia, which makes sense because of their proximity to Australia.  However, I was surprised to learn when doing some demographic research for class that the Thai and Vietnamese population in Australia is quite small (around 500,000 total).

Just around the corner from my accommodation is an outdoor foodcourt called Spice Alley, where hungry city-goers can dig into traditional dishes from all over Asia.  The picture below was some delicious shrimp pad thai, the quintessential rice noodle dish from Thailand.  I devoured the entire thing in minutes.  On the side a friend and I also shared some crispy salt and pepper squid… yum!

Pad Thai at Spice Alley, NSW

Now back home ground meat is very common to eat, of course beef, pork, and chicken that is… But down under, just about every basic supermarket has kangaroo burgers! Did you know there are more kangaroos than humans living in Australia?  I’m not going to lie, I did feel pretty guilty trying the Kangaroo meat, and honestly it was not anything special.  It is very lean and does not have much flavor.

Kangaroo burgers found at the local ALDI

In terms of grocery shopping, there are plenty of supermarket chains throughout the city, but a unique place is called Paddy’s Market, located in Haymarket, Chinatown.  I have frequented it multiple times to buy fresh, local produce and seafood at a really good price.  It is really nice to have access to fruits and vegetables I rarely come across back home, like fresh passion fruit or dragon fruit (a bag of 8 is just $2!).  Additionally, I’m a sucker for noodles, and Paddy’s always has fresh rice and egg noodles for sale that I can take back home to cook with.

This post has barely scraped the surface of all the food options available in Sydney, but I’ll surely let you know about more great eats from the city for the remainder of my trip!

Cheers everyone,