Those thongs with ya trackie daks are heaps daggy*

I am not going to lie, one of the reasons why I chose to study abroad in Australia is because English is the official language. I am nowhere near bilingual, so I figured that studying in Australia would be better for me because I already know how to speak English. I was wrong.

Australians have their own language.

Yes, it’s true. Australians speak a different language than anywhere else in the world. I did not realize how many different abbreviations and phrases are utilized here. The reason for all of the abbreviations is because in Australian culture, it is essential to be short, clear, and direct when speaking. The shorter the meeting, the better, as long as you can get your point across! I have listed a few words and phrases that I have heard since being in Australia:

  • Arvo: Afternoon
  • She’ll be right: Everything will be all right
  • Macca’s: McDonald’s
  • Footy: Rugby
  • Biccy: Biscuit
  • Choccy biccy: Chocolate biscuit
  • Lappy: Laptop
  • G’day: Hi or hello

I have been in many instances where I would have no idea what people are saying to me. When I leave work, sometimes my co-workers will say “Have a good arvo!” and I look back at them with a blank stare because it takes a while for arvo to register in my brain. Even after being here for about two months, I still can not speak the language! The only word that I will use is Macca’s as I pass by a McDonald’s chain. I have two months left, so hopefully by then I will be an Australian speaking pro!

*The title reads: When you wear flip-flops with comfortable sleepwear you are bound to look uncool.