Roma to Praha

Leaving Roma was difficult not only because I love the city but because it had snowed for the first time in five years! Tons of transportation was shut down due to the precipitation. It was beautiful though. It looked as though it had snowed on a florida resort.

Luckily the snow hadn’t halted our plans to leave for Prague that day. We made it to the airport and were soon on our way.

I didn’t have any expectations upon landing in Prague. I had no idea what the language was like, the culture, or the food.  After arriving at the hotel we decided to explore.

Prague is one of the most picturesque places I have ever been. The city looks as though it belongs in a Disney movie. The little shops are extravagant and the architecture is astonishing.

Even though I had no expectations of what Prague would be like, I know it would have surpassed any expectation I would have. The only downside to Prague, I must add, was the weather. It was 20 degrees and below the entire trip. Absolutely freezing. It was hard to enjoy all of the beautiful monuments around you when your hands are numb but we managed to do so.

One day for lunch we decided to eat at an authetic Czech restaurant. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I was willing to try. I ordered roasted duck with dumplings, cabbage and bread.

It was the most amazing meal I have ever had.



The next day was a bit warmer so we decided to go the Lennon Wall. The Lennon Wall is a graffiti wall covered in inspiring messages and art and it’s named after John Lennon.

Growing up listening to the Beatles and understanding the impact they had on every kind of person and culture, this wall was amazing to see. I even had the chance to sign the wall.

Prague was an experience I am so glad I had. The people, language and culture are so different from anywhere I’ve ever been. I would recommend everyone to go at least once.