The Beginning of Classes

Why hello again,

Yes the time has finally come, the beginning of classes at WU. It sounds hilarious to most people I tell that to back home, because its the middle of March. What can I say, its been a great a long winter break! But all great things must come to an end, and so as of next week I will begin my first 2 classes at WU, Sustainable Business as well as German Business Communications.

What thing about classes over here that are WILDLY different than back home is the fact that I do not take all my classes at one time. At most, I may only have 2 or 3 classes a week. This means that I often have days of the week completely open to do whatever I want. Although, that also means that the classes are almost always extremely long. Usually at least 3 hours and sometimes even longer. The professors do give lots of breaks in between though, which is helpful. I am curious to compare the differences to taking classes here at WU vs at Pitt. From the very beginning, I have been extremely impressed with this University, so I have high hopes!

With classes starting, this does mean it is finally time for the Orientation program to come to a close. It was a great journey and I met many great people along the way, many of whom I still meetup with regularly. It is tradition, at this point, that me and my group go to bar weekly and watch the latest soccer match for Champions League. It has given me the opportunity to learn a lot more about the sport which is not as popular in the US, but is without a doubt the most popular sport here in the EU.

I also was given another chance to catch up with my buddy, Katerina. We did the most Viennese thing possible and went out to a nice coffeehouse for coffee and cake. I have to say, the Viennese do not mess around when it comes to making delicious coffee. If you ever come to Vienna, you’ll be sure to find a coffeehouse on every street corner. Do note that the drinks are much more espresso based as well, it would be difficult to find a standard black coffee here. Anyway, me and my buddy had a great time going over cultural differences and learning about each others home towns. We ended the night with a stroll through the Innerstadt and getting some nice pictures of the beautiful alleyways and historical buildings.

As me and my friends move forward in March, we are planning our future travels outside of Vienna. I can’t wait to see some of the wonderful places we have planned and I’ll be sure to let you all know just what you’re missing out on. Till next time, tschüss!