New City, New Colors

I have now been in Buenos Aires for a little over a week. Everything is starting to fall into place. Last week was all orientation. Even though it was sort of boring, there were several important things that they went over, like the VISA process, which I might add is super intimidating. To be totally honest, though, I really haven’t gotten out much. I really just don’t get out much period. Unless someone specifically asks me to go somewhere or I’m with my sister, I tend to keep to myself, take walks on my own, and just find entertainment while alone. I don’t mean this in a negative sense. I am perfectly happy and content by myself. I just don’t socialize as much because I get nervous.

Since I’ve been here, one thing that definitely has help get me out are the CAPA programs. All of the US students are studying here through the program CAPA, so we get to go on some planned events to explore the city. This past weekend we had two—a bus tour of Buenos Aires and a trip to La Boca.

The bus tour on Saturday was not the greatest. Number one, I hate touristy things. I travel all the time and like to site see, but I don’t like to look like a tourist. When on a big yellow double decker bus driving around the city, I could have just had “tourist” written across my forehead. The fun part of that day was once the bus tour was over. A few of us stayed in Puerto Madero to grab some lunch and then took a nice long walk back to our homes.

Overlooking Puerto Madero. It has very tall, high rise apartment buildings and was a very nice area to walk

I don’t really know where I was walking or what I was seeing, but it was nice to get to know some the students from Pitt and other schools in the US a bit better.

Selfie during the walk back home 🙂

On Sunday, we went to La Boca. I am originally from south Florida. I have a Boca of my own that I go to all the time when I’m home. It is pretty high class and has a fantastic mall. La Boca here is Buenos Aires is rather different. But I liked the difference.

Since it was Sunday, there was a local fair going on. There were lots of little stands with people selling crafts and different artisanal items that represented the town. Everything was so pretty and colorful. This is the key—colorful.

A little glimpse into the color of La Boca

Not only were the items for sale full of color, every single wall on every single building was like a rainbow. Intricate murals were all over the place and it was just completely upbeat and cheerful. This is very different from the Boca back home. It is basically all white and nude colors with, of course, the green Florida palm trees. I think I enjoyed myself so much because it was so different than anything I had seen before. I know this super cliché to say, but I just cannot help it. Even in my daily life I only wear neutrals. Actually a few days before I arrived I wore an orange shirt to my gym and people went crazy over that fact that I wasn’t in a black shirt. It is true. I just don’t interact with color too much. Seeing all of the different shades and mixes of colors was just pretty and an exciting change from my normal life!

I know that I will definitely get out and see some more things. My dad is coming to visit soon, so we will do some fun things. CAPA has a few other events for us too. Who knows, maybe I’ll come out of my shell and run wild with the other kids too. Now that one is a long shot, but I will find my own adventures that I enjoy, even if it is just at the gym or on a walk through my neighborhood.