Michael: the Tour Guide

Ok, I’m going to give my advice/opinion on some things.

Three Top Sites

1. Kellys Falls. FOR SURE. A main reason why I traveled abroad to Australia was because of the nature. I LOVE trees, and this is the place where I have never seen so many trees in one place (I am very serious about this). Kellys Falls is a network of walking trails, natural waterfalls, and beautiful lookouts within the Garawarra State Conservation Area (very close to Helensburgh, which is south of Sydney). It is near Royal National Park. Warning: the hike is definitely for people who are looking for something more challenging. You definitely have to be careful and take your time, but the view was absolutely breathtaking. It takes about two hours to get there (by bus), but it was totally worth it. This was probably my favourite day here so far. *MAKE SURE YOU BRING FOOD– it is a long day with nature!*


2. For emphasis, number two is going to be Grounds of Alexandria. See below for details.

3. Little Manly Beach. Sydney is home to some of the finest and most famous beaches in THE WORLD. It is honestly incredible and makes the beach scene here such a better experience. There are ocean beaches, such as Palm, Bondi, and Coogee beach and there are also harbour/bay beaches such as Little Manly and Milk Beach. I do love Bondi Beach and Coogee, but they are obvious ones that I know most people will visit (they are beautiful and amazing). I am a huge advocate for Little Manly beach because it’s a smaller, quiet, bay beach.

It is located on the Northern Beaches, about a ten-minute walk from the Manly Wharf. The place feels like a little island. It is also an amazing snorkeling spot (I highly recommend investing in some gear and snorkeling). The water is SO clear and SO warm and there is even a boat that comes by with ICE CREAM.

Best restaurant recommendation: Grounds of Alexandria.

This place was AMAZING. I found it to be a mini farm escape from the industrial area surrounding it. It literally seemed as if these place materialised out of nowhere. If have to make a reservation because it is always booked, and you have to do so in advance, but it is the best experience. The restaurant is a combination of a cafe, garden, plants, carts selling desserts, some ANIMALS, and just all around a good scenery. There is a huge pig there, pictured below, named Kevin Bacon (pictured below, and yes, he is alive). You can come here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner– but I recommend going there for a nice brunch.


I ordered the Grass Fed Slow Cooked Beef Short Rib with Brussels sprouts, chickpeas, hummus and gribiche (mayonnaise-style cold egg sauce)– pictured below. It was a little pricy, but there’s never a better time to treat yourself like Australia! It was the best meal I’ve had here.


Food in general: Personally, I love Asian food– so I have been really enjoying the food options. There is SO much Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Singaporean, and Chinese food. It’s amazing. Spice Alley is the perfect spot to try out different kinds of food. I would definitely look up some of the favourite or recommended foods that are listed on menus there because, at least for me, I didn’t know what a lot of the ingredients actually were.

Salt, Meats, Cheese: I would also suggest visiting here!! It is on the way to the Broadway Mall (which is where we do most of our grocery shopping). Oh– I hope you get the pun! Salt meets cheese — salt, meats, cheese. I didn’t get it until someone pointed it out to me. It is a family-owned Italian restaurant that offers different discounts on certain days. For example, on Wednesdays, you can split (or get your own if you’re hungry!) a bowl of pasta that is made IN A CHEESE WHEEL. It is amazing. 

Talk soon,