Roar and Snore

On Monday night, about 1/3 of the CAPA program did the Roar and Snore at the Taronga Zoo. “Roar and Snore” is exactly what it sounds like– once the zoo closes for the public, you’re invited in to get a behind-the-scenes look at the zoo operations, and sleep over at the zoo in really nice tents. It definitely wasn’t the typical zoo or camping experience.

My friends and I took the ferry from Circular Quay and arrived at the Taronga Zoo at around 6PM. We were greeted by our group leaders, who are zoologists- so they were really familiar with all of the animals at the zoo. They took our bags and set them up in our fully-equipt (and weather-proof… it poured!) tents, which we shared with our roommates. IMG_3099

We walked around the zoo and saw some of the animals, including giraffes, hippos, and elephants. Our leaders told us little stories about each of the animals, and knew so much about their individual personalities and quirks.


We had a delicious dinner, then walked around the zoo a little more. After that, we hung out with everyone in the lounge by the tents, where we were able to have tea and coffee.

We had to wake up at around 6:30AM to be able to walk around before the zoo was open to the public. We ate a quick breakfast, and went on another tour. The zoologists took us into the room where all the food is made for the animals, which was really interesting. They told us about projects and research the Taronga Zoo is involved in. Many species that were in the zoo are facing extinction, and they are doing a great job of educating the public.

Overall, I had an amazing time at Roar and Snore and hope to go back to the zoo soon!