Beaches in Sydney

Being in Sydney has definitely made me long for the beach every day. There are so many gorgeous beaches all over the coast to explore. My first time ever going to the beach was on one of my first few days in Sydney, and I was hooked after that. A lot of the famous beaches in Sydney can get pretty crowded so it’s nice to find some hidden gems along the coast line. During my stay in Sydney, I’ve been to the famous Bondi Beach, Coogee Beach, Manly Beach, and a hidden beach called Gordon’s Bay.

Beach days are ideal for so many people, so the beach is definitely a diverse place to be. I personally like to unwind after a long week at the beach. There are also a lot of activities that you can do at most of the beaches. Besides aquatic activities like surfing, boogie boarding, and boating, you can try your hand at beach volleyball. Surfing is popular at almost all of the beaches in Sydney, but Bondi is definitely a great one and is well known for having gnarly waves. Most of the beaches in Sydney have baths or swimming pools which are all gorgeous. Baths are usually a formation of rocks on the beach that are filled with ocean water. The first time that I went to one was at Coogee and I hadn’t even realized that I was there! The coast is actually a lot rockier than I expected, so there are cliff side beaches in Northern Sydney. Lastly, a must see is the Bondi to Coogee walk. It is definitely a hike, but the route takes you through all of the other beaches and hidden gems between the two well-known beaches. I haven’t done the walk myself, but I’ve heard that it’s gorgeous. It’s definitely on my list of places to go and explore!