Paddington Market

Sydney is definitely a big city with a small-town feel. Walking around the city, you’ll see a majority of small, local shops lining the streets, in addition to that, there are a lot of markets and farmer’s markets on the weekends that showcase local and homemade goods.

Paddington Market is one of the well-known markets in Sydney. The market takes place outside of a church in the Paddington neighborhood of Sydney. I’ve been to this market a couple of times and have seen new and existing vendors there. My first time there, I walked around and looked at the stalls in awe. Everything being sold was extremely unique and authentic. After being there a couple of times, I was able to gather an idea of what the Paddington Market represents, which is artisanal products that represent authenticity. While walking through the narrow and tightly packed ways, I saw a lot of jewelry vendors, a homemade chocolate vendor, clothing vendors, artwork, and food stalls. I really enjoyed it because it reminded me of Summer days in a small town.

Paddington isn’t the only weekend market in town, which really allows people to gather authentic items from all over the city! The iconic Bondi Beach has a weekend market as well that gives you the opportunity to discover local brands. Going to the Market is a great way to conclude a relaxing beach day at Bondi. The markets offer clothing from up and coming designers, handmade jewelry, retro furniture, vinyl records, homewares, art, and hard to find vintage pieces. I’ve only been to these two, but I’m looking forward to exploring the other markets around the city!