entry 8 – UK vs US (professors)

At this point in the semester I feel that I have noticed many differences between the way professors from the UK teach compared to professors from the US. If there is one word I had to choose it would be, participation. Participation is so drastically different when I compare CAPA to the University of Pittsburgh. Now this might be because Pitt is such a large university and the classes I take usually have a minimum of 40 students so its hard to have a conversation in class with every student.

With that said, all my professors here in London are from England and they all teach in a similar manner and I am sure that is because it is customary to teach the way they do. I’ll find myself answering the teachers significantly more than I do at Pitt because they will call my name. Usually I would say this is frustrating because its almost like pressure to answer but I would say this thought of knowing I will be called on forces me to be much more attentive throughout the class, which is good because it is only one class a week and they run for 3 hours! The “I’m not sure” answer definitely does not work! My professors will always answer this with take a second and think about it. They always want an answer no matter if you think its right or wrong. Along with that, laptops and phones cannot be seen during class or they will take them! Another way for the professors to engage you in their discussions, so you aren’t looking at a screen.

As for recommendations on courses, I highly recommend you take any major classes that fit in with your major at home first and foremost. From there, I would say think about taking courses that fit in to Pitt’s certificate in international business (CPIB). Along with that you can think about taking courses that fit your minor and lastly I would try out some courses that you think you may be interested in that you haven’t already taken the chance to step out of your comfort zone with at Pitt. For me this was International Marketing and I have really enjoyed both the professor and the material I have learned so far. Luckily for me this course also fit in to my CPIB so it was a win-win.

Courses are definitely different in terms of deadlines. Usually at Pitt you have something due every week or so but it comes in waves in London. You will have a few off weeks and then a big assignment due which makes planning so much more important. If you have any other questions about study abroad classes in London with CAPA please contact me!


Until next time,