entry 7 – easy trips out of London

Hi again,

This past week I found a very easy and fun way to add another country to your list if you are studying abroad in London and that is Whales! My friend from home visited me this past week and we both have a crave to add countries to our list. Before I went to Whales my list was at 39 countries in my lifetime. I was able to cross to 40 by just paying 10 pounds for a bus roundtrip to Cardiff.

You can book your tickets with the National Express which is similar to Megabus or Greyhound. We left from Victoria coach station which took us to Cardiff in 3.5 hours. If you leave at 9ish you will be arriving around noon and that gave us around 7 hours to walk around the city. We started at Cardiff University and wandered around. From there we found Bute Park which lead us to Cardiff Castle. It was really cool to see such an old castle in a city that looks very modern and new. After climbing to the top of the castle we had a great view of Cardiff and couldn’t miss the giant Principality Stadium where they play rugby mainly and also held last year’s Champions League final.

From there you will find that Cardiff has great shopping. We found a giant mall and nice stores all around the center of the city. After that we walked to the coast and had some nice views of Cardiff’s port. Finally, we walked back to the bus stop where we took the 3.5 bus ride back to London.

If you do crave to see new places and new countries I highly recommend you take this day trip on a friday if you do not have an internship or if you want to spend a day of your weekend! If you have any questions about my trip to Cardiff feel free to reach out!


Until next time,