Berlin it is.

Hi, there. My name is Connor Murray. I am a rising junior from Baltimore, MD studying marketing and information systems . Aside from my studies at Pitt, I run an independent record label by the name of Crafted Sounds, which handles music distribution, PR,  event booking, and promotion for various artists in Pittsburgh and beyond. I also just recently started working for the Innovation Institute on campus, which helps students and faculty with product licensing, commercialization, and more. Besides all of that, I enjoy marathoning Seinfeld and Shark Tank whenever possible. I usually keep myself busy when I am not in class, but this year I felt rundown from doing just that, so I decided that I should study abroad this summer to escape the obligations I tend to create for myself. I figured it will be a nice change of pace.

I chose to participate in Pitt’s International Internship Program where I will be working full-time overseas instead of taking classes. When evaluating where I should spend my summer I was stuck between Dublin, Ireland and Berlin, Germany. I ultimately decided to pick Berlin as I do not mind structure, straightforwardness, and high intensity environments. Thanks to a lovely internship placement program between Pitt Study Abroad and an international third party, I have been placed with an alert software company called Derdack, where I will be working as a marketing intern for 11 weeks. They are based in Potsdam, which is a hot minute away from Berlin, so I will get a chance to play with the train system they got over there. This summer I will be working with the positioning of a newer SaaS offering similar to their flagship product. Even though my position has a concentration on marketing, I am planning to sit in on some of the actual IT work to understand how the company interacts with clients’ systems to notify them of potential issues.

I am hoping to find what I like in particular about marketing this summer, so I can focus on the right companies for Summer 2019 in Pittsburgh. This experience will definitely give me an edge as I enter the Pittsburgh job/internship market my junior year. I think I made the right decision in seeking out an experiential program over a course-based program.

I am pretty much just letting this trip unfold without thinking into it too much. I am trying hard to let life happen… if that makes sense. I will be writing weekly blogs to document my time in Berlin, so you will have the opportunity to follow my time abroad if you like. I cannot wait for May. I am sure it will be absolutely wild.