entry 10 – challenges

Hi everybody,

Lets talk about the challenges of studying abroad!

I believe the most challenging thing you will find about studying abroad is in the first week you arrive to your respective city. I have travelled extensively throughout my life and I can tell you that really doesn’t change much. When I arrived to London it was very overwhelming at first. You are arriving in a new city where you will probably be living with people you do not know, you’re away from your family and closest friends, and you need to basically start college over again.

A lot will be happening the first week with orientation and getting to know your area along with how to navigate yourself around your new city; oh and you still have to worry about getting to know people and make friends that you will be hanging out for the next couple months! So you can see how this can be overwhelming.

I handled it one step at a time and made sure to remind myself that everybody was going through the same thing. Everybody was out of their comfort zone and everybody was there to live in a brand new city and meet new people. If you can remind yourself this then it makes it much easier to handle these challenges with the students and roommates around you.

From this challenge I definitely learned that getting out of your comfort zone can be so rewarding. If you can be comfortable with being uncomfortable then every scenario in your future will be a piece of cake.

I am sure that other students studying abroad will feel this overwhelming challenge when first arriving at their new cities. I would tell them to take a deep breath and remind yourself that all the students around you are just as uncomfortable. Definitely reach out to other students and try and go out around the city with friends as much as you can! It will all see silly that you were overwhelmed about these things after the first week and you’ll be so excited to spend the next 3 months with those friends in this new city.

Until next time,