A Sort of Good-Bye Letter

Never could I have predicted just how incredible study abroad to Sydney, Australia could have been. It is almost too difficult to describe in words this whole experience and just how much it has impacted me personally, academically and professionally. It is surreal to me that this will be my last blog post and that I will depart tomorrow back to Pittsburgh. I wanted to reflect on my time here and share my best memories and thank yous.

Thank you, Sydney, for the incredible memories that will never be forgotten. Thank you for the delicious food from all over the world that I was able to enjoy and the breathtaking views of the skyline, the beaches, and the variety of neighborhoods you have to offer. Thank you for being a place that I could call my home for the past 4 months.


Thank you to my roommates who have become not only my travel companions, but some of my closest friends. I was so nervous prior to coming to here about making friends and yet I have gained both new Pitt friends and friends from other Universities. Thank you for every spontaneous beach trip, shopping trip, food run and for exploring the city with me. Your undying support and craziness has always been appreciated and I look forward to staying friends.


Thank you to my parents for their support in me traveling 9,614 miles from home. Your support emotionally, physically and of course financially is much appreciated. You deserve an eternity of thank yous. Prepare yourselves for countless stories and pictures of my time abroad. I also look forward to coming back to Australia with you in the future.

Finally, thank you Pitt for giving me the opportunity to journey from home and find new experiences and my independence. I am so lucky that Pitt supports students studying abroad through encouragement in the means of knowledge, education and through finances like scholarships. When I return to Pitt I am so excited to share my experiences with other students hesitant or already thrilled to study abroad.

This isn’t necessarily a good-bye letter because I know in my future I will return to Australia to visit Sydney again, along with other places I did not yet explore. Aside from Sydney the highlight of my study abroad was road tripping through New Zealand. I will certainly be back to explore everything New Zealand has to offer.


This has truly been a life changing experience and one I will never forget.

Until Next Time!