Last Minute Double Czechin’

Do I speak Czech? No. Will I be able to pay for things in cash without using an app on my phone to identify koruna*? Probably not. Am I confident in my ability to not get lost on Czech’s public transportation? Not even a little bit. Am I still excited to be starting my first full-time work experience (in a country I have never been to before) in three weeks? You’d better believe it.

My name is Victoria Kline, and I am a rising Junior at the University of Pittsburgh studying Marketing with a minor in Creative Writing. On Pitt’s campus, I’ve got my hand in a variety of cookie jars, amongst them- classical piano, Alpha Kappa Psi (a professional business fraternity), Steel City Squash After-School Program, The Pitt News, etc. However, I have yet to reach into the kolacky** jar. That’s why this summer, I am participating in Pitt’s International Internship Program and spending the summer in Prague, Czech Republic.

I chose this specific program because Prague is currently an exciting country to be doing business. The recent fall of communism opened many doors for new markets, thus creating a high demand for business savvy individuals. Through the IIP program, I’ll be working full time alongside a graphic design team, conjuring up visual and written creative content with a company called Passion Communication.

Through this internship, I hope to verify that the major I have pursued for two years was indeed the right fit for me. I also hope to learn a lot from the experienced professionals around me, as well as gain confidence in my ability to professionally prosper regardless of my environment or the obstacles within them.

If you like what you’ve read and/or are worried about my ability to take care of myself on my own, stay posted to hear about my upcoming adventures!


PS: I just googled it, and that means hello and goodbye in Czech and is pronounced “Ahoy.” Maybe I can expect sea legs out of this experience as well?

*Czech currency

**Czech cookies