Nerd Squad Reunited

Fun fact. One of my closest friends from Pitt, Rebecca, actually ended up studying abroad in Buenos Aires this semester too. It was totally not planned that we would be here at the same time. In fact, we are actually on completely different programs. She is studying engineering, while I am studying business.

We met because lived on the same floor in Sutherland Hall freshman year and then formed a super tight knit friend group with 5 other girls as well. Actually last semester, when we were all at Pitt, we lived together in Irvis Hall. I like to call our little friend group the “nerd squad.” We are all definitely nerds and love school. Also, our kind of fun is staying up late playing board games. And we all love it! Over our time at Pitt, the 7 of us have gotten super close and love spending time together.

My nerds and me at Christmas time 🙂

The fact that 2 of us ended up studying abroad at the same time in the same place is a bit insane. I love it!

Since this past weekend was a long weekend, Rebecca and I decided to make spend it together. She has been here a bit longer than I have and has had more time to explore Buenos Aires. So, on Saturday and Sunday, she showed me Palermo, one of the neighborhoods in the city. We walked all around. She took me to the Bosques de Palermo. They reminded me a lot of Central Park in New York. They are huge parks that are filled with activities, trails for running, and lots of beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, when we went it was a bit rainy, so there was not much going on. But it gives a reason to go back so I can see it when it is actually filled with life.

We also went to two of the main plazas in Palermo, Plaza Armenia and Plaza Serrano. There are lots of fun restaurants and bars and lots of people. The best part was the restaurant we ended up eating at. It was an Argentine take on a classic American diner. It was really interesting to see how another country views American food and American life. It was very “retro” and felt a bit like we were in Grease or something like that. I ordered off the kid’s menu and got my dinner served to me a paper car. It was modeled after a ’56 Ford Thunderbird.

My napkin was also an “autographed” photo of Elvis Presley himself 🙂 They actually did a pretty good job at recreating that old fashioned diner feel, although they definitely exaggerated it a little. But I am sure we do the same with other cultures back in the US when we try to create an authentic restaurant. Really it was just a fun atmosphere with some good ol’ classic diner food!

The best part of the weekend was when we took a step outside of Argentina for the day and sailed across Rio del Plata to visit Colonia, Uruguay.RanadeE52 It was a such a cute little resort town. The historic district was a must see. There were so many cute little houses and restaurants. There was a little harbor with a bunch of bars overlooking the water. I really loved the lighthouse.

I know it is kind of hard to see in this picture, but we could actually see the city of Buenos Aires from up there.

Buenos Aires is right across the water!

Outside of the historic district, there aren’t too many attractions other than a few spots here and there. We took a walk through an artisan craft fair and then played a little on a children’s playground. Brought me back to my days on my favorite swing set. My favorite part of Colonia though, was definitely when Rebecca and I walked to see the Colonia letters. It is along a marked 5K path on Las Ramblas. Right at 3250 meters, we approached the letter, which are just like the letters I saw in Montevideo. I had to get a picture just because it was the touristy thing to do. RanadeE57Because they are so far out from the historic district, many people rent a car are drive up to see them. But, as we know, I love my workouts, so I had to walk. After we got some fun pictures with the letters, we finished walking along Las Ramblas and then turned around to head back to the ferry terminal. In total we walked 15 miles that day. #heckyeah

Since it was our last night, after we got back to Buenos Aires, we stayed in Puerto Madero for a bit to grab some dinner. I know we should have gone to an Argentine pub or restaurant, but instead we went to TGI Fridays. RanadeE58We only went because it was funny that there is a Fridays here. And honestly, I eat a lot of Argentinian food since my host mom cooks for me almost every night. It was a fun change to get a little more American food before going back to reality!

Honestly, the only thing that would have made this weekend better is if my whole nerd squad was here in Buenos Aires with us. I know that is a hard wish to achieve, but it would have been fun. Regardless, I have one of my nerds with me and it was so nice to explore the city a little bit more and take a quick getaway trip. Plus, on a side note, I have now been to Uruguay twice in about 30 days and it is the first place in my life that I have been to before my dad. And he travels all the time to so many different places. That was just the icing on the cake for the whole weekend.

Maybe one day me and my nerds will get to take a fun trip all together. But right now it was fun to have spent the weekend with Rebecca. Sometimes you just have to let your inner nerd shine 🙂