Overcoming Challenges Abroad

The biggest challenge that I faced during my time abroad was the time difference. Australia was absolutely wonderful and looking back on it, I really did not struggle to overcome any challenges that I faced other than the time difference. When I first arrived to the country, I was 16 hours ahead of all of my friends and family back in the United States, so this made it really difficult to talk to them. It was particularly challenging to keep in touch with my family as I only had free time between classes and my internship at around 1 in the morning in the United States. After a while of missing my opportunity to speak with my friends and family, I felt that it was just best to speak with them over primarily over text message instead of through video calls. In addition to that, I began staying up a little later at night or waking up earlier in the morning to call everyone at an appropriate time. Being so far away from home can make it difficult to communicate with everyone, which is difficult because I definitely wanted everyone to be up to speed with everything happening in Australia, however, I was able to overcome this obstacle. Besides the time difference, I was also overwhelmed as well as excited with the amount of things I wanted to do and places that I wanted to see in what felt like such a short amount of time. Other than that, I couldn’t have asked for a better study abroad experience!