Returning to Reality: USA, Here I Come

We often talk about the culture shock of going to (nevermind living in) a new country with completely different expectations and way of life. What we often don’t discuss is the effect of coming back. Being in London for a decent amount of time, it became my new home; my ‘home away from home.’ Going from the fast paced life of living, working, and studying in a new city while trying to fit as many great experiences as you can into a few months to a much slower paced life living back at home with your family and not with your friends can be quite an adjustment.

I love my family more than anything, but I can’t help to admit that I miss movie nights with my girls, or getting advice from them – they always seemed to know just what to say. I’ve found that in my week back home the best thing I have done is keeping myself busy. Whether it is catching up with old friends who have experienced the same ‘abroad-withdrawal’ that I am currently going through or going to the gym, enjoying the aspects of home that I can’t get by living in England is what is helping me realize why I love to call this my home in the first place.

London on a sunny day could knock any other city and/or country out of the park. It is often said “if England were sunny all the time, everyone would want to live here”. Well, there’s a reason not everyone wants to live there. The sunny days, though glorious, are few and far between. Though the weather was quite British the day I got home, the days since have been sunny and 75 degrees. This is definitely a mood boosting change from the chilly rainy days, and another reason to be happy to be home. Probably the best thing about being home is my mom’s cooking. In London, I would often come home late from work or a night class and cook a quick pasta meal before working on an assignment due the next day. I can’t say I will never eat pasta again, but I’m so grateful for the change and am not missing it much at all.

There are so many other little things such as driving and visiting old places I grew up with that make every day a little bit brighter, as well as planning things to look forward to such as plans to see my London roommates again. All is looking up and though I’m sad it’s over, I am so glad it happened, and look forward to getting back to Pitt this fall for my senior year.