Et maintenant j’habite ici!

Bonjour a tous!  Today makes the sixth full day I’ve spent in Paris, and each one has felt more unreal than the last.  I have sat along the Seine and watched the sun set on the Eiffel tower, been to Sacre-Coeur, taken the obligatory bus tour every tourist-with-a-group takes, and walked up 35 flights of stairs in a single day because elevators are not a Parisienne concept.  I have also had more picnics in the last few days than the last several years of my life. The rest of the Pitt students who are in Paris and I have gone on some fun adventures together, which has been lovely. I also had a friend from high school who now lives in London come visit me this weekend, which was wonderful.  Everything about living in Paris has been what I dreamed it would be and more (minus the stairs).

Thursday I had my interview in person with the organization where I’ll be working for the summer.  The company is an NGO called La Fondation Scelles. This organization does research and observation on the state of prostitution and human trafficking in the world.  It condenses this information into a book published every two years.  This book breaks down the situation in dozens of countries across the world by country as well as further categories specific to each region, as well as contains policy analyses and further recommendations to combat the problems it finds.  This is then presented to multiple heads of state, the EU President, and the Secretary General of the UN, in addition to many other NGOs who work in the same or tangential issue areas. La Fondation’s work directly implements policy and legislation around the globe and helps to protect the victims of prostitution and human trafficking, and I’m honored to have a part in helping them.

Tomorrow I start work, and with that, I start my life as a real Parisienne.  I’ll be commuting via the metro and eating lunch with my French coworkers, and I couldn’t be happier.

Until next time!