Getting my Bearings on London

Here I am in London, and after 2 semesters of preparation I get to see the fruits of my work. I truly am excited to become immersed here in London.

In the upcoming weeks as I get started with my internship and classes I have set out some goals that I wish to meet. Academically, through the class International Accounting Issues, I hope to take away a global perspective of the accounting field. At home in Pittsburgh it is difficult to envision what we are learning in class in a global way because of its basis in US accounting principle. To be able to learn this more global perspective is important for widening my reach in my field.

Professionally, for the same reasons, I hope for this to boil over into my career development. I can bring to the work place my internship experience in a global setting as well as knowledge from my class that is not available to me in my classes back home. These will make me more prepared for a professional life. Ultimately, my professional goal is to gain soft skills like global communication skills.

Lastly in terms of goals, I need to discuss how I personally want to grow from this magnificent opportunity. In a way, I am trying to use my time here to discover more about myself. From my position as a Catholic this means getting know my faith from different perspectives. The other night I had the opportunity to go to a Catholic meet up here in London. It was amazing to see our shared faith bring us together. I had many delightful conversations with local Londoner about the faith and alike. I learned a lot from this experience from things about the UK from the people I met. Another way I have been pursuing personal growth is through sitting in the myriad of parks in London and journaling. I can surely see it helping me grow.

I live on the west side of London, and it is an impressive area with malls and all sorts of food. I live in a small, but livable flat that has all that I could need for comfort, so that is not too different from home. What is different from home though is the amazing public transportation here in the city. I need to plan it far in advance because it does take a while, but the London Underground (tube) is one of the easiest systems to follow. Yet it is a complex interconnection of railways that help you get around London and its greater area. I got used to it fast with the nicely mapped out graphics posted in every station. The hardest part is knowing all the names of the Tube lines, but that is hardly an issue so long as I am looking at a map. The commute can be a relaxing point for my day as everyone, especially during rush hour, stays silent during the ride. I use the time to collect my thoughts.

It has been a very short time, but I am already learning so much about London through just getting lost on the streets. It is an adventure every time I go out. Until next time… Cheers!