Go for the Goals

Hello, readers!

Today marks one full week in Sydney!

It has truly felt like a whirlwind. The city is just so massive; There is so much to do, to see, to explore!

In my first post, prior to my departure, I mentioned my reservations about what exactly I will gain from this experience. I did not know specifically what I wanted to accomplish from my time abroad academically, professionally, or personally. I did not set any concrete goals for myself.

Looking back on my state of mind prior to my arrival in Sydney, I can easily see how anxious I was for my travels. This nervousness led me to downplay this experience more than I should have given it credit for. Sure, I thought traveling 9000+ miles from home was cool and potentially a once in a lifetime opportunity, but truthfully, I had no idea what to expect. I had no foundation or knowledge to even begin to set academic, professional, or personal goals for myself.

After being here for a full week, I feel like I am in a better place with a greater understanding of what a study abroad program teaches students and what I want to do with those lessons.


Though I am only taking one class in Sydney, I want to make the learning experience one that is comprehensive and worthwhile. I am taking an International Economics class, quite fitting for my international travel. This combination of learning about global economies in such a diverse, worldly setting is one I will take advantage of. Through this class, I hope to learn a great amount of knowledge to understand global business better based on different countries’ and regions of the world’s economic drivers (while hopefully getting an A in the course!).


My internship focuses on consultant work with migrant workers who are looking to send money back home to their families, specifically the Pacific Islands and some smaller Asian countries. In many ways, my internship is a great compliment to both my decision to travel abroad to Sydney as well as my International Economics class. Through this internship, I look to accomplish becoming a more globally-conscious businesswoman, aware of many different cultures and ways of doing business.


Last, but not least, is what I look to accomplish from studying abroad as a person. Aside from becoming a better professional and hopefully getting a good mark towards my GPA, I am placing more emphasis on who I return to the States as, who I will be as a person. That being said, I can tell that in this first week that I will come back different. In just seven days here, I feel I am more reliant, better at managing my time and my priorities, and more self-aware of my own personality and “normal” American ways. I look to expand on these lessons and make them more concrete as well as learning other ones in the process.

As a whole, I hope to come back a more open-minded, well-rounded individual. A person who has seen different walks of life, experienced a new city and culture, and can appreciate and relate that back to her daily life at home. I hope to share that with those around me once I do come back to the States.

Stay tuned for more!