Sydney Suite’mates’

Hi Everyone!

So, I am officially in the Land Down Under! I’ve unpacked my bags and am getting settled into my new home for the next six weeks. My home away from home is a huge apartment complex called Urbanest, located right in the bustling neighborhood of Ultimo. My apartment is situated right near three different college campuses, so it is filled with students from all over the world. It’s constantly abuzz with students doing their schoolwork, playing ping pong, or just hanging around the grill in the courtyard.

Included in the international students, there are about 55 American students with me in my program, who all got assigned different apartment suites. Personally, my suite consists of a total of eight American students, four girls and four boys. My apartment is unique because we were the only group in the program to be assigned a co-ed suite. Initially, I thought this living situation might pose a challenge, but boy was I wrong!

From the moment I met the seven other roommates on the first day, we instantly got along and became friends. Moving to a new country for six weeks can be very daunting, so it was a comfort to know that we were all in the same situation together. Luckily for us, we all got along very well, so the first few days were not filled with any awkwardness. It was almost like we had known each other for years.

Despite all arriving from the same country, we all came from different backgrounds. My roommates attend universities from all over the United States, including California, Arizona, New York, Kentucky, and Minnesota. Two of my suitemates attend Pitt as well, so it was a comfort knowing that I had a common connection with them. This variety of backgrounds is one of the aspects of this apartment style living that I love the most. It is interesting to learn about different state cultures, even though we all live in the same country. I believe that this unique situation will only heighten my international experience.

In order to avoid the typical roommate issues, we all decided to divide the weekly cleaning chores and create a schedule. By establishing this in the first week, we hope to have no issues regarding cleaning and hope to be able to maintain a clean apartment for the next six weeks. All of my roommates have been great so far, so I do not see this as a future issue.

I cannot wait to spend the upcoming weeks in Urbnanest with the new friends that I have made! I am looking forward to our time together getting to know one another and exploring the beautiful city of Sydney, just like we did on the harbor cruise pictured below!