My Final Days in Shanghai

Hello everyone!

So I leave Shanghai in three days and this past week has been crazy. I’m leaving a little earlier than everyone because of when my internship in the US starts. This past week has been extremely hectic as it’s been our finals week and in addition to that I had a severe case of tonsillitis! I was basically suffering in bed as I prepared my final papers and presentations, so needless to say I’m kind of ready to go home. It was frustrating not having the ability to walk to my doctor and just have them treat me, and I had to go to a hospital here to get the medication I needed. Thank goodness I seem to be reacting to the medication well, and the swelling in my tonsils is decreasing.

As I think about my time here in Shanghai, I realize I’ve had a lot of great opportunities and I’m so grateful to have gotten this experience. It’s been probably the best 3 months I could’ve ever imagined, and there are so many things I’ll miss when I go back home. Although I’m excited to go back home, mainly to eat Chipotle, I know coming back to Shanghai is in my near future!

Zaijian for now!