Week One in Prague

My first week in Prague was spent learning and touring some of the expansive amounts of culture and history that thrive in this amazing city. We started the week on Tuesday by going to the official EUSA building to receive an orientation on the Czech Republic and what our time here would be like. We got to meet in person the people who interviewed us for Prague.

The next day we began our walking tour of the area of Prague known as Prague 6 which holds many of the older monasteries and the main Prague Castle. One interesting thing that we were told about the area was how under communist rule the city converted most of the monasteries into residence or hotels. When the regime of communism “ended” the nation gave the monasteries back to the monks. When the monks returned to their monasteries though some found them to be completely furnished as a hotel would which go against their beliefs. So, in the end, they had to get rid of all these additions to the monasteries. After we toured that area we walked through the town to the Charles Bridge which was very crowded but beautiful. After all the touring we ended up going to the municipal building for a buffet of traditional Czech cuisine.

On Thursday most of the students had orientations with their employers but mine canceled so I ended up going to the supermarket and getting supplies for the week. Friday and Saturday were more of the same except for me going on my own back to the Prague Castle and exploring the grounds a bit more in detail. On Sunday was where we took our second excursion to Kutna Hora which was amazing. We visited a small church where the underground was decorated in the skeletons of the millions that died during the plague and it was simply breathtaking. This was followed up by a tour of the St Barboa Cathedral which was meant to rival the main Prague Cathedral and its architecture again is stunning.

All in all this week was a great dip into the Czech culture but I know we barely scratched the surface with these two trips which just makes me more eager to see more of the city.