11 Week Duration @ Passion Communications


With one week of my internship under my belt, I can confidently say that I am definitely studying the right subject. I love my job so far! I am working at a boutique creative marketing agency called Passion Communications for 11 weeks. Our office is very small- it regularly consists of our CEO, 1 other intern, and a freelance graphic designer. (Apparently there is one other intern who is out due to the fact that he broke his arm while trying to steal a sign drunk in Budapest and had to get surgery.) The walls are bright orange, and there is always chocolate.

The company culture is nothing like business in the U.S. Business casual dress here means cute jeans and open toed shoes. The workday begins at 9:30 AM, and my boss sometimes plays the piano he keeps in his office. I am sure not all business sectors in Prague are like this, but I’m thinking that all boutique creative agencies are, unless they aren’t doing their job right. Business is run formally externally, but when dealing with internal people, it seems that communication is very informal. I have personally experienced this by the way my boss jokes around with me and my fellow coworkers. I have heard about informality at work from all of the other kids interning here as well though. The majority of them do not even have a scheduled time to come in, and can leave as early as noon if they would like.

On my first day, I was tasked with writing research papers for our website. (Click here and here if you’re interested in reading my first two articles!) At first, I was worried because while I enjoy writing, I write enough research papers at Pitt. But it did not take long to earn the trust of my boss, and by the fourth day, I was allowed to work with the other intern on app and website design. I hope as my time here progresses, I will be trusted with more and more graphic design tasks.

Life Update: The Spanish food here is better than the Czech food is. Our program guides took us to an ossuary to look at 40,000+ dead bodies for “fun.” Apparently I have been sleeping with bed bugs for the past two weeks.