Life in Color

At 7:30am on Monday morning I began to get ready for my first day at my internship. One week prior, I received an email from a colleague at work who informed me of where the office is located, what time to arrive, and how to prepare myself for my first day at work. The company I work for is located roughly thirty minutes East of where I am staying in a neighborhood called Mitte. It takes a short five minute bus ride to the U-bahn station where I travel 20 minutes to Rosa-Luxemburg Platz. The public transportation system in Berlin was very easy for me to learn. It’s very convenient and reliable.

When I arrived on my first day, I was warmly welcomed and introduced to my work that I will be doing for the next 10 weeks. My desk was decorated with an explosion of confetti and streamers draped over my computer. Everyone also signed a “Willkommen im Team” card for me, which made me super happy. The office is bright and decorated with many plants.RodakS2

I have already accomplished so much after just one week. Under Bülhoff & Funke GmbH, I work for two companies—Gourmesso and Amazy. Gourmesso is a company that sells Nespresso compatible coffee capsules to the EU and US markets. Amazy is an online Amazon store that sells various unique products. My first assignment was to begin managing the Amazon reviews for Amazy which allowed me to interact with their community of customers. I have also been tasked with the redevelopment and search engine optimization (SEO) of the US Gourmesso website. I first began with rewriting the content page for their selection of espresso options. I was shocked when one of my supervisors told me that I had the freedom to be creative and write freely. The following day—before I knew it—my supervisor had already uploaded the content I had drafted for the Gourmesso website. He was impressed with my work and delegated me to begin the next assignment which would be rewriting the page for their Lungo coffee varieties. Another one of my tasks for this week at work was to do some market research regarding the coffee capsule industry and other competitors in the market. I worked with excel to share some of the data I had found with my colleagues. I look forward to offering some of my ideas for the company to consider to grow and adapt, moving forward in the near future.

I’ve noticed that the company maintains a balanced blend of organization and creativity. I work on a team with a lot of young, international people and everyone is very informal in terms of dress and how we interact with one another. To contrast this degree of openness, the environment is still very organized, and results-driven. Working in a start-up atmosphere requires a lot of determination in order to reach goals and be successful. I admire this work ethic among my colleagues, and it motivates me even more to make my mark on the company.

After a long first week, I was excited to continue exploring this trendy city. On Friday night, I reconnected with the other Pitt students and we all shared with each other how our first week at work went. We went to dinner at a Taiwanese restaurant in Charlottenburg. It was awesome to experience a local restaurant and take in all of the diverse culture that lives within Berlin.

We were lucky to have beautiful weather on Saturday, and we all decided to travel to the East Side Gallery to experience this historical site of Germany.

Where history meets art

Each mural had its own personality and portrayed a special message within the design. I loved interpreting all of the unique meanings of the art, opening my mind to different ideas of thought. After taking in all of the beautiful art and history of Berlin, my friends and I went for a stroll through the neighborhood to visit a few vintage clothing shops. We  discovered a cool park filled with people and even some interesting animals including: chickens, goats, donkeys, ducks, and geese. A farm in the middle of the city. RodakS4The vintage store had so many unique pieces. The rare textures and patterns, styles and colors gave so much personality to the clothing. Some of the local designers in Berlin were even featuring their clothes in the store. Berlin is a stylish city and this store matched the aura of fashion that I greatly admire.

P.S. Fanny packs are in, people.RodakS5

After a vintage day of art, history, and shopping—it was time to eat. Through exploring the hip neighborhood of Kreuzberg, filled with cafés and restaurants, we stumbled upon this Indian restaurant called Sadhu. I’ve only had Indian food one other time in my life, and I was pleasantly surprised by the rich flavors and spices. It was a lovely meal to end another lovely day in the city.

Sunday’s are laid back in Berlin. It’s the day to spend time with friends, and that’s just what I did. Emma and I visited this chic café called Zeit für Brot in our neighborhood, and we enjoyed some delish pastries, coffees, and music—some of my favorite things in life.

This weekend was a relaxing time off from work, and I’m excited to get back in the office and continue my adventure in this dazzling city.