Living the Dream

Hey, there! Back with another update. I have some things to say about work, music, and travel from the past week.

So it seems I have gotten the hang of work. As long as you get your work done, there is no real issue. There is no extra banter or drama in the office as mentioned before, so it is a really great place to get work done. This week we published an SEO blog article that I wrote on the SIGNL4 website. It was pretty cool to use the experience I obtained from a previous internship, and apply it to another company. I have been able to some additional research on the job as well to improve my writing. I have also been creating an extensive portfolio for product integrations built into our SIGNL4 app offering. I am really trying to work towards a better positioning of the product as I am finally starting to get a really full understanding of its capabilities across industries. I really see our product being competitive with other similar products especially because our integration capabilities are so “plug and play”/hassle free. For the portfolio, I have been creating custom promotional images and descriptions describing the app integration. As I write this now I realize that I forgot to optimize some of the images (reduce file size for web). It helps with online relevancy and such. Will do that tomorrow! haha!


This week I finally got a chance to explore music. Berlin’s music scene was a huge reason that I wanted to come here. I had met people in passing that loved it here, and I was really intrigued by how excited they were when they would talk about it. This week I went to two concerts (Preoccupations and Future Islands) and hit another techno club. Absolutely amazing stuff. The techno is pretty fascinating because the music is just so different from US clubs, parties, etc. There is a pretty elaborate DJ spread of equipment on the stage and multiple people could be up there at once doing their thing. This weekend there was a set that had a live trumpet and vocals as well. The people are so talented, and so many people go to these clubs. I am really curious how it pays. A mutual friend who happens to be a producer in Berlin put me on the list for the club and I never felt so cool in my life. I got to skip the line… in Berlin… Whattttttt?!! It was nice talking to him and sharing experiences in music. He and his girlfriend moved from Brooklyn to pursue the arts. Apparently there are government programs in place to support artists in Germany, which I was shocked by. They also have very particular Visas for artists. I had never heard of such a thing. They were a very nice couple and I hope to catch them again before I leave.


I spent Sunday at an independent label market in Mitte. It was awesome. Met so many people doing the same thing I am doing with Crafted Sounds. Spent all day with a guy who runs a label called Rood Woof Records. I found his label online last week, and shot him an email to find out about the local music. Was so tired, but I was happy I went. I also grabbed a bunch of physical music to check out when I get home.


Saturday I walked through Sanssouci Park in Potsdam (not too far from my work) to check out the palace of Frederick the Great. The park was absolutely breathtaking. The architecture and the gardens were absolutely beautiful. After walking through the entire park… which was about 2-3 hours… I ended up finding a park across the street. There was a coed soccer tournament going on. People were camping out almost like a festival and “beverages” were scattered all over. I took a seat and watched a game for a bit. It was probably one of the funnier things I had seen so far.


That’s all for this week. This upcoming week I will be in London from Thursday night to Sunday. Can’t wait. More updates to come!


PS: Döner kebab is the best food ever.