I really (Uni)Care About Healthcare in the Czech Republic

Okay, I’ll admit, this pun is kind of dumb, but I figured it was fitting being that I am going to be discussing the industry of my company, Unicare Medical Center.

Unicare Medical Center is a private healthcare facility that specializes in providing healthcare to foreigners in the Czech Republic. The healthcare field is something I am very interested in (I think I want to go into medical social work?? Unsure at this point but I’m exploring that interest) and it is interesting to compare Czech healthcare to that of America.

After the fall of communism in the Czech Republic, one of the goals was to decentralize healthcare and transition funding from a state level to a private level. Currently, the Czech Republic operates on a compulsary insurance model. Essentially, this means that the government requires all citizens to purchase private healthcare insurance. This model is similar to that in America because of the use of private insurance companies, however, it differs because all Czech citizens need to purchase insurance by law, whereas insurance is not 100% mandatory in America. Another way it differs is in the type of coverage insurance provides. In America, coverage of different needs differs based on what insurance company and plan is purchased. In the Czech Republic, all services are covered simply by purchasing insurance.

The Czech Healthcare system was surprising for me- I was ignorant to the healthcare systems in Europe and assumed that all European countries have universal healthcare, which is not true. I have also been learning about healthcare in other countries and am finding out so much about how other countries operate.