Presque Parisienne



I’m finishing up one month in Paris (it just keeps getting better)! Although it has been raining almost every day, I’m doing my best to make the most out of my time here. I’m finding pleasures in the small things, like my morning walk to the metro, seeing the same old women smoking a cigarette in her pajamas from her flowerbedded window on the fourth floor of the apartment across from mine. I’m also going to miss the cute little owner of the restaurant next to my workplace that seems to think she already know me even though I’ve only been there twice.

I feel as though I am progressing in my workplace, and getting the hang of things. I’m making proposition, they finally trust me enough to scout and meet with clients, and I feel as though I’m a real asset to the company. As a small, modern company, most of our work is online and paperless. This is hard to get used to, but hey, we’re saving the environment, no? This company is pretty tech savy as well, and I’m definitely learning skills that I’ve lacked in before, ex: Design software!

Since part of my job has also been data analytics, my boss recently reached out to me to give me a new project. Our company has been developing a new technology with glasses. Similar to google glasses, these lenses are able to provide internet access into your direct vision, which is pretty cool. I am now the newest member of the team that tends to the glasses. I’ve been through training and have learned the technology of the glasses and am responsible in helping set up the software before events, and personalizing them to each of our clients.

I need to mention that this all takes place in the Opera Garnier, the most beautiful interior I have ever seen. I get to watch people pay hundreds of dollars to see a show in a language they don’t understand, in perfectly tailored suits, and flowing ball gowns. What’s not to love?

Who knew I would ever end of on the tech team? And as the only female, it makes me feel proud that I’m working on the glasses along with guys. We’re still fishing out some technical errors, but they’re a work in progress at the moment. #GIRLPOWER (Which is also the name of a private messaging chat between myself and the two other girls working at my company).

I’m meeting new people which is cool, and I’m reading on the metro to pass time, which is also cool. All in all, things have been well, and I’m finally feeling like a real Parisian. Cheers to that!

Peace out y’all.