The last time I posted on here I was very excited about a lot of things: work, music, sightseeing, etc. I think the past week or so of being very active and adventurous has finally caught up to me. I have a slight cold. Yes, not only can I not speak German in the office, but I also will be killing the silence with an army of tissues from my jacket pocket. I earned this, so I have to deal with it. This is learning.

Work is getting more difficult. Just yesterday one of our competitors got bought out by a larger firm for over $100 million. I think some of the leadership is stressed now. Our competitors and industry in general is composed of companies with software and applications that do very similar but slightly different things. I think a big challenge in this industry is just the element of selling to other businesses. I think it is hard to convince a business owner that they can execute daily operations better with an app than without one. It’s hard for people to realize things can be better when things are already great.

Work flow has slowed for me a little bit because I have been updating a portfolio of third party integrations for our mobile alert app offering. It is tedious work. There has been a good flow of feedback between Matthes (CEO) and I. I am also working on developing some kind of “explainer” video to really focus in on what SIGNL4 is. I do not have access to many creative tools at work, so I have been doing photoshop between Canva and a bunch of sites I have found online. It gets even harder because I have no access to any video editing software, and I am expected to just come up with something. I am going to make it work though. I need to come up with more projects for myself, though.


It is interesting now because this is not my first position in marketing. I have ideas, but because this is a different style of business (B2B), I am a little stumped. Our SEO is also fantastic already, might I add. We show up within the first 5 results for a bunch of different target keywords in our industry. I think that is very impressive considering our app is still largely in development. I wrote an article and I plan to write some more for the company blog. Everyone was a little too busy today, but I do want to see what we are doing in regards to email campaigns. We really need more users for our app, so we can get feedback, reviews, and generate relevancy on app stores as well. Today I spent some time on some customer surveys for current and exiting customers, so we can figure out what in our app is working, and what is not. Some other ideas I have in mind are creating infographics for blogs posts/website/social media, developing a more active social media pressence, reviewing “leavebehind” materials for potential customers, analyzing what leads up/follows tech shows we attend, writing case studies of current customers, and more.

I must say that I am also a Information Systems major, and I definitely want to explore some career options in IT as well back in Pittsburgh when I return because I am currently a little frustrated. I refuse to say I do not like this because I do like marketing, and I do like the challenge, but this is not my first rodeo, and I want to see results from my actions even though I am a small fish. I am not throwing in the towel yet. I want to make something happen for this company.

We will revisit this next week, but right now I am tired, and a little sick, haha. I am flying to London tomorrow to see some friends. I am so excited. I just filled in this post with some more shots from the past weeks. I cannot believe I am still out here in Berlin. Kinda proud of myself. Shucks.

PS… I would love to start my own business one day. I do not know what… but music is not going to pay the bills haha. I really loved the whole process of turning my record label from nothing into something (where I am still not making money). I am very proud of what I have learned about small business, professional relationships, and how to cater to a target audience.