Nos Vemos Pronto

My personal trainers at my gym back at back at home are some of the most important people in my life. They have helped me in so many ways, both physically and emotionally. Right before I left to come to Argentina, one of them said to me “Von-Von, don’t waste your life. One day your gonna wake up and realize you were all work and didn’t have any fun.” So, okay, I know I did a lot of work while I was here and went out very few times, but I really did take his words to heart and kept them in the back of my mind during the entire time I was here. As I have been saying all along, I have been having fun the “Evonna Skye Ranade way.”

As I am about to leave, thinking about my time in Buenos Aires, I truly believe that I did this. I took a lot of risks, especially for myself. My spring break trip to Montevideo was so out of character for myself. RanadeE27I don’t do things last minute like that—my friend literally texted me the day of and asked me to go. My head kept telling me to just stick to the safe plan and stay at home even if it was a little boring. But I pushed against and went. And now I have actually been to another country before my dad, who is the greatest traveler that I know 🙂

On a more tranquil note, I built in time for things that were really fun for me. I studied a lot.

Study time at school!

I spent a lot of time at my internship too. However, I also made it a priority to make time for myself, which is something a little newer for me. For instance, I joined a gym first thing after I arrived.

Post Workout Selfie during my last day in BA

Working out is one of my favorite things ever, and I was very nervous that I wouldn’t be able to fit it in during my time here. Fun fact: I got to go every single day 🙂 I also made time for new, fun things like my statue scavenger hunt or scouting out the best coffee around town.

I explored the different neighborhoods and got to know them well enough to make comparisons to the different neighborhoods in New York. I found the Buenos Aires version of SoHo, Tribeca, the Upper West Side, and even the East Village.

Overall, I can, without a doubt, say I am completely satisfied with my experiences here. I made new friends, explored the city, took “Evonna-style” risks, made time for myself, and was still able to get good grades! It made me realize that I can “let loose” a bit. It doesn’t mean I have to go wild. That will never be a thing that I will do. But I don’t have to be as uptight. Even Monday, after my final presentation for one of my classes, one of my classmates came up to me and told me how proud he was of me for opening up and breaking out of my shy self even more. I know that when my trainer told me to live life and work less, he had a few other ideas in mind. But I really did take his advice, I just did it in my own way. RanadeE09I have grown so much as a person and made bonds that will now be a part of my life forever. And I did all of this while becoming way better in speaking Spanish! I know that all my trainers will be proud of me when I go back and tell my stories. My family and friends will be too. But most importantly, I am proud of myself. Even though maybe not the normal experience, everything I did this semester was huge for myself. And Buenos Aires, Argentina is to thank for that!

And with that, I will say “Nos vemos pronto, Argentina. I will be back for more adventures soon.” 🙂

Goodbye BA Selfie