Bonjour a Londres

Bonjour a tous!

Another week in Paris, and I’m still in love.  I turned 20 on Wednesday, and got to spend my birthday and the start of a new decade in Paris, which is crazy.  My coworkers bought me a cake, and sparkling cider (pictured below), and stayed late to celebrate with me. It was so unexpected and thoughtful and made me all the more appreciative of my job and the love in my life.  They also sang ‘joyeux anniversaire’ to me, which is definitely inferior to the English version. However, this week wasn’t entirely a week in Paris, as I spent the weekend visiting a friend from high school in London.  I had an absolutely amazing time, didn’t sleep for over 50 hours, and saw everything in a whirlwind of British accents. We went to the London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Platform 9 ¾, and Tower Bridge, among other tourist traps.  It was such a fun weekend, and it will take me a few days to recover from it for sure.

There are lots of political, economic, and social factors that affect the industry my company is in.  The regime type of government, where it lies in terms of progressive/conservative policy, whether the government/population are religious, poverty, and the quality/availability of social services in the country are some (but not all) of the factors that have an influence on prostitution and human trafficking, which is the specific issue within the NGO industry that my company focuses on.  These factors are of interest to a professional in my field because they directly influence the country’s reception of our message, and the effectiveness and necessity of our work in said country. The most important current political trend facing France currently (the host country for my company) are the rise of populism and influx of refugees. However, the most important trends in the US (which is where my work is focused) are lack of social services and increasing conservatism.  My firm fits into the global and political system within a context of human rights. It works to combat prostitution and human trafficking, which in the view of my company are two of the biggest human rights violations that exist on the planet today. It works socially and politically by trying to inform the public as well as inform legislation about possible solutions to combat these issues.

Once more, I love my job, I love Paris, and I loved London, even if it killed me!

Until next week!