La Menace du Terrorisme


Hello again,

Today, we are introducing a more serious topic into this blog post. As a small act of terrorism passed through Paris this past week, I thought it would be useful to draw its connections to Paris’s economy. The question at hand is “how do these situations really affect the business of Paris?”.

The company I am currently interning with is part of the tourism industry, since their target audience mainly consists of people who do not speak French natively. After the terrorist attacks in 2015, Paris’s tourism industry took a dramatic hit. The potential of terroristic situations have become one of the biggest political trends facing France, specifically Paris.

This company being only one year old at the time took a dramatic hit as well. The company, still being small and still struggling to keep itself afloat, attempted to get itself back together at the time, but ironically, and tourists started returning to France at a healthy rate. Paris’s tourism reached a ten year high in 2017, and is keeping a steady beat upwards.

In spite of the threat of terrorism in Paris, the city’s tourism industry is doing quite well which is leading to good things for the company at hand. The company was forced to bring in new hires to accommodate for their booming business, and are also not letting me breath with all the work they have under themselves.

And with the small scare of Paris’s hostage situation a few days ago, it is important to note that dangerous situations are able to occur anywhere at any time. Situations like this are typically unexpected and often unpreventable. It is vital to be safe and prepared at all times, wherever you go, but to not live your days in fear in which you limit your actions.

Bye all.