Commuting With a View

G’day, readers!

After being immersed in the Aussie lifestyle for well over three weeks now, I have become close friends with the public transportation system here in Sydney, especially the train system that the city has to offer.

The trains, as well as the buses and ferries in Sydney, are all very reliable and efficient. Each day for work I take a train to a suburb a few miles north of the city called Crows Nest. My commute to work takes roughly fifty minutes each way when including the time it takes to walk to and from the train stations. My travel time on the train itself is rather short and goes by quickly, taking only twenty minutes, give or take the time of day. Of course, I would love my total commute time to be shorter, but it gives me a lot of time to reflect, call family and friends to check in, and the occasional playing catch up for class!

Though the commute may seem long, I have been able to see a lot more of Sydney than I would have if my internship were not in this part of the city. This being said, each day I get to cross the Harbour Bridge both going to and coming from work. In the morning particularly, the views of the harbour below with countless boats resting on the calm waters with the picturesque city in the background as well as a bird eye’s view of the fun theme park, Luna Park, that rest across the harbour from where I live.

Taking a train is quite different than my public transportation encounters in Pittsburgh. Though the 10a and city Port Authority buses can be lifesavers, Sydney’s system is hard to compare. With being such a huge city, public transportation is a necessity for many to get to work, school, or leisure. Pittsburgh, though still a city itself, doesn’t require such an extensive system of public transportation as Sydney.

If you are ever planning a trip to Sydney, you will not have to have any qualms about how to get around. In Pittsburgh, I find myself taking numerous Ubers just for the sake of ease even though I have access to city buses and the like and taking them is not difficult in the least. However, Sydney just has a different handle on the operations and make it seem almost frivolous to call an Uber with so many other resources.

Even with great ways to travel around the city, I still enjoy walking as much as I can around this beautiful place. Each time I go for a walk somewhere, I see something new and exciting, something I may not have seen before or may not be accustomed to in the States. Obviously with Sydney being such a large city, walking is not always feasible. I have put my feet through some tough days trying to claim that I have seen all of the city with no avail, so having the many trains, buses, ferries, etc. to use surely come in handy!

That’s all for now, readers. I just wanted to share a bit about how I get around this amazing city! Check in soon!