The best city in the world

Before I departed for this trip, I had many expectations for myself. Regarding my personal expectations, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and explore every possible thing on this trip. I wanted to avoid my lazy tendencies and explore all day every day to see everything about Sydney. For myself, I wanted to step outside my comfort zones with activities like surfing. I went surfing last week and it was easily one of the best experiences I had. My expectations had not changed during the trip as I met a group of friends who had the same intentions as me. We all pushed each other to do everything and didn’t let anyone stay in the room without exploring something. Academically, I wanted to challenge myself as a student. My expectations coming into this trip were to test my focus and motivation as a student. I wanted to keep my same motivation to get good grades while still exploring the land down under. My academic expectations didn’t change when I got here as I realized pretty quickly that my classes were going to involve a lot of work to earn a good grade. Professionally, I didn’t have too many expectations as I am not undergoing an internship. I was still interested in the business culture of the city so I asked all my friends who are undergoing internships to explain what the business life is like. They say it is more relaxed and easy going as the offices have an easy going vibe to them.

My first three weeks abroad were arguably the most action-packed and exciting. We would waste no time just sitting on the couch. We would always be walking around somewhere. Our goal was to always try and plan something, but if we couldn’t find anything, we would just walk around aimlessly in hopes to discover a new area. So far into the trip, I have many takeaways to expand on. Firstly, I am seeing how much I am growing as a person. I am becoming more adventurous, responsible, and confident regarding daily tasks and adventures. Being in charge of my own life, I have to take care of my money, food, and school in order to be the best version of myself. The second take away is how much I have gotten used to the city. I feel comfortable enough to walk around Central and most of Sydney without a map as I know where everything is. I also memorized most of the lines of the train system. If I want to go somewhere, I just hop on a train or walk somewhere. If I am craving a certain type of food, I will go to the specific cultural district of the city to get that type of food. Lastly, my third takeaway is the experiences that got me to this point. I think my experiences of getting lost and finding my right group of friends helped me to this point on the trip. I feel that by getting along so well with my roommates, I always have people to explore and push me to new heights as we all want to explore every part of this city. Additionally, I feel that getting lost is the best way to discover the city. By getting lost, you recognize more things and test yourself to find certain landmarks to recognize where you are.

It was about the first week when I got my first, “Oh my gosh, I’m abroad” moment. I remember just wandering around Circular Quay and taking in the views, and while looking at the Sydney Opera house I felt that moment. I remembered seeing random pictures of the opera house a year ago and never thinking I would be in Australia. Now I am about 50 feet from the famous Opera house on the total opposite side of the world. I remember trying to take in this moment as much as possible as this is a trip I never want to forget.

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