Four Cities in Two Days

Monday I went to Tirso de Molina with my friend Ellie.  We walked around got gelato and coffee, shopped, and I witnessed an attempt at shoplifting that went terribly wrong for the man who tried to do so.  I was a completely shaken up by the experience as when he tried to run out of the door, he fell into me as I was pressed up against the wall.  There was a lot of screaming going on and I for sure thought something was going to happen.  Luckily all parties were fine and the store got their towel back.  I purchased some fans at the store for the heat that is slowly encroaching.

Tuesday I made coffee at work and decided I needed to learn how to make it or buy it. I found the same coffee online but it was significantly more expensive to ship it home than just to buy it here.  The coffee is different here.  Not just the ground but the way people drink it. I am used to drinking weaker coffee all day, but the coffee here is meant to have a few times and enjoyed slowly.  I never thought anything of my consumption until another intern asked me how my heart felt after all that caffeine.  She said hers would be pounding out of her chest if she had as much as me.  Whoops!  Old habits die hard.

Wednesday I attended another Intercambio which was educational as usual.  They always plan them in a different part of the city so I am getting to know them better than I thought I would.

Thursday after work I took part in a cooking class. This is arguably one of my favorite things I have done here. Every day I have been able to taste traditional Spanish foods that my host mom prepares. So, when I had the opportunity to take a Spanish cooking class, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. We learned how to cook Tortilla Española or Tortilla de Patatas. It was really cool to learn the technique from a woman teaching us in Spanish. It is very difficult to learn the technique to flip the tortilla. I loved this class because it is a souvenir I can take home and share with all my Friends and family and it is a piece I can make for myself and bring me right back to Spain. We also were able to learn some proper cooking techniques.

Friday, my family started arriving in Madrid. After work, I walked them around the center of Madrid and starting to be a tour guide. We went to a nice traditional restaurant near Plaza Mayor. I was able to try some other traditional foods that I hadn´t yet had the opportunity to try. It was so fun being able to show off my Spanish skills and show my family around the city that has become my new home.

Saturday: We got up Saturday morning and drove over four hours up to San Sebastian. San Sebastian is a beach town that is in the Basque country. We got to walk on the Concha beach.