USS Midway Museum

This weekend, we went to San Diego and visited the USS Midway Museum. The museum was not too big, but definitely worth more than the 15 dollars of the ticket. The aircraft carrier, USS Midway, was the largest ship in the world until 1955. It is 1001 feet long and 64000 tons at decommissioning. It might be familiar to a lot of Americans, but as a foreigner, it’s my first time being in a museum about the navy. And as a girl that doesn’t know much about aircraft, I first didn’t have a very high expectation for it. However, the second that I went in, I was impressed. I got a little audio player when I went in. The player would play records that introduce aircrafts. They had people who actually had worked on the aircrafts to talked about it. What makes it attractive is the pride that I felt from their talking. They are proud of who they are, and they are proud of their country. There were a lot of aircrafts that only USS Midway Museums has, and it was fun to check those out.


he flying simulator was the funniest thing, because I could experience it myself. It could be turned 360° and for a few seconds I was hung upside down in the simulator.