First Two Weeks Busy Traveling!

On May 13, 2018, I arrived in San Francisco and was so excited to be here for the first time. I have heard lots of things about San Francisco that there are so many places to go and things to experience; they were right. I was so excited that I have gone to all famous tourist spots in the first two weeks! I went to those places mostly with the students from University of Pittsburgh. Traveling with them became one of the opportunities for me to get closer to them as well.

For the first week, we went to a huge fish market called ‘Fisherman’s Wharf’. It was one of the places that I wanted to visit the most in San Francisco. Many people who have been to San Francisco recommended me this place, and of course, it was the first place I went. There was a lot of gift shops and fish markets. I loved their crab sandwiches. There were so many seagulls too. I had so much fun feeding them with the sandwich. It looked like the people there were all tourists. They have the only In-And-Out burger branch in San Francisco and the line was so long. I had much fun in Fisherman’s Wharf on that Saturday.

We also went to the Golden Gate Bridge. When you come to San Francisco, you can’t miss the bridge. It is the landmark of the city and luckily, the weather was so nice that we were able to see the bridge clearly; they say most of the time the weather is so foggy so 2/3 of the time they can’t see the bridge. But it was too windy. Maybe this was why the weather wasn’t so foggy. I crossed the bridge later and there were so many people on the bridge riding bikes or running. It was interesting to see how people cross the bridge riding a bike and take the ferry back.

Golden gate park was right next to the bridge and we went there as well. As I heard, the park was extremely large! They say it is bigger than central park in New York. I really felt that it is. And there were many things to do inside the park. First, we went to the Japanese Garden for the orientation of this International Internship Program. Fallon and Ken, from AIC, took us there and we joined a party to be guided. In the second week, me and my peers went to the park again and visited the Academy of Science. It was huge! At the basement of the building, there was a big aquarium. I don’t even remember the last time I went to an aquarium. We had so much fun there. The Academy of Science was filled with interesting things such as statues or fossils. The only thing that I didn’t like about it was the price; it was too expensive to get in.

On that Sunday, me and my peers went to the train station to go to Stanford University. It is one of the greatest universities, so I always wanted to visit there. This trip, however, was little bit disappointing. We took the train to San Jose for one and a half hour, but we stayed in the university little more than an hour and got out. The weather was too hot and actually, there were not many things to see. I thought the University of Pittsburgh is actually better than Stanford.

Last week, we went to a place called ‘Pier 39’ to see the sea lions; the place is famous for lots of sea lions displaying themselves on the decks. However, I think I will have to go there again because we went there at night; we were not able to see many sea lions.

I honestly went to every place that I wanted to go since I came here. But, I believe there are more to see and I am not going to be just stuck in my room for the remaining weekends. I didn’t know much about traveling in San Francisco before, but I feel like I can be a guide now. This weekend, I am planning to go visit Yosemite national park and very much looking forward to it.